Now that empagliflozin is FDA-approved to reduce the risk of CV events in patients with DM 2 and CVD ...

it should be the standard of care.
9% (4 votes)
it's an attractive option but shouldn't be routine.
65% (30 votes)
it doesn't sway my decision making.
9% (4 votes)
it's going to be used inappropriately.
17% (8 votes)
Total votes: 46



The study did not appropriately classify the outcome data. In the definition of non-fatal MI, the investigators excluded silent MI which biases the study towards not showing a difference. In Table 1 of the study (pg. 2122), it looks like silent MI events were higher in the composite empagliflozin group than in the placebo. The data seems to be driven by CV death but where is this CV death coming from - re: heart attacks? arrhythmias?