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There are many ways to contribute to iForum Rx:

You can post comments regarding a commentary, post a reply to a question posed in one of our discussion forums, or participate in a poll. All registered members of the iForum Rx community can participate in these activities.  Indeed – it is through the active engagement of the iForum Rx online community that a conversation about important, practice changing literature occurs.


Comments and replies posted by members of the iForum Rx community are not peer reviewed but they are monitored by the editorial staff to make certain that professional standards of communication are maintained.


If you wish to become more involved with iForum Rx, consider becoming a reviewer. Reviewers are asked to read and critically evaluate commentaries submitted to iForum Rx – and to write constructive comments to the author(s) to help them learn from the experience.  If you are an experienced peer reviewer and want to help less experienced but eager authors become better writers, please contact the editor-in-chief [Stuart T. Haines -]


iForum Rx also welcomes unsolicited commentaries from ambulatory care pharmacy specialists as well as pharmacy residents, residency preceptors, and residency program directors regarding cutting edge, practice changing literature.  In a journal club-like format, commentaries provide a brief summary (1250 words or less) regarding: 1) what’s known and what prompted the study, 2) the methods, findings, and analysis of an original research manuscript, and 3) the commentator’s opinions regarding how this information should be applied in practice.  We particularly welcome commentaries that are thought provoking (controversial or contrarian) analyses of recently published research manuscripts.  The goal of iForum Rx is to publish commentaries that promote discussion among the members of iForumRx – exaggerated (beyond the author’s actual stance) or contrarian statements are welcomed.


The decision to publish a commentary is based on several criteria:  Does the commentary examine a potentially practice changing study or manuscript (whether the manuscript SHOULD or SHOULD NOT change practice is a question the commentary needs to address)? Has a commentary been written about this study or manuscript and published on iForum Rx before?  Is the commentary well-written, concise, and persuasive?  Will the commentary promote further discussion on the topic?  The editors and reviewers of iForum Rx use a scoring rubric to determine if a commentary merits publication on iForum Rx.  To author a commentary, download the Commentary template here.  Complete all fields, using the 'Body' field as the main content area for your commentary.  Once complete, send your draft to our editors for review and publication.


Only members of iForum Rx can participate in the interactive features of this online community.  “Membership” is free – but you must provide us with a few pieces of information including your name, professional title and responsibilities, and e-mail address. This information is not shared with anyone outside the iForum Rx community and you can opt-out of mass mailings and other communications if you do not wish to be alerted about new iForum Rx content.


To become a registered member, click on “Create New Account” in the Member Login box.  Follow the simple onscreen instructions … and you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail after you’ve completed the registration process.  You’ll become an official member of iForum Rx once you click on the link provided in the confirmation e-mail.


iForum Rx is a non-profit, online community developed by and for clinical pharmacy specialists who practice in ambulatory care settings …. and pharmacy residents and student pharmacists who aspire to be clinical pharmacy specialists.  We rely on iForum Rx members to spread the word – encouraging their professional colleagues to join. is supported by financial donations from our members.  We do not accept advertising or sponsorship from pharmacuetical companies or other commercial entities.


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