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Manual Measurement of Blood Pressure 10/08/2014

Telecare: Just What the Doctor Ordered for Chronic Pain? 10/08/2014

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Provider status recognition for pharmacists under Medicare is: 09/24/2014

In Vino Veritas? Resveratrol for Diabetes 09/24/2014

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Using Twitter for Professional Development 09/07/2014

Should complimentary and alternative therapies (such as flax and transcendental meditation) be routinely used to treat HTN? 07/23/2014

Just the Flax, Ma’am. Does Flaxseed Lower Blood Pressure? 07/17/2014

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Acetaminophen use and ADHD: Should we be concerned? 06/08/2014

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In patients with type 2 diabetes, a GLP-1RA should be the first add-on to metformin therapy for most patients. 05/04/2014

Choices, Choices … Basal Insulin vs. GLP-1RA? 05/01/2014

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2014 CDC Adult Immunization Recommendations 04/25/2014

Vitamin E for Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer Dementia - Is the Evidence Strong Enough? 04/03/2014

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Hormone Therapy in Postmenopausal Women: Did We Have it Wrong All Along? 03/14/2014

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Manipulating our gut microbiome is ... 02/26/2014

What is Your GUT Really Telling You? 02/26/2014

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The Top 10 Things Every Clinician Should Know About the 2013 Obesity Guidelines 02/05/2014

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The newly released JNC8 Guideline ... 01/07/2014

JNC 8 01/06/2014

What Makes High IMPACT Interprofessional Teams Effective? 12/18/2013

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Revisiting the Polypill: Does it Improve Adherence and Reduce Cardiovascular Risk? 12/06/2013

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Ten Things You Should Do To Prepare for the BCACP Exam 12/06/2013

How will the 2013 ACC/AHA Lipid Guidelines Impact Practice? 11/26/2013

Ten Things Every Clinician Should Know About the 2013 ACC/AHA Lipid Guidelines 11/24/2013

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Can We STOP Heart Failure? Using a Screening BNP to Guide Care 09/29/2013

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If there could be only one covered benefit with no copay to obese patients (BMI>30), which you favor? 09/15/2013