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Liraglutide - Second Line Option in the Treatment of DM-2 or NOT. 10/05/2016

Liraglutide: The New LEADER for Second Line Therapy in Diabetes Management? 09/02/2016

Commentary Diabetes
Lixisenatide and Cardiovascular Outcomes: The Burden of Proof 04/22/2016

Commentary CAD, Diabetes
Looking AHEAD to Less Diet and Exercise for Patients with Diabetes? 09/14/2013

Commentary Diabetes, Patient Mgmt
Managing Direct Oral Anticoagulants – What’s Our Role? 10/03/2015

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Manipulating our gut microbiome is ... 02/26/2014

Manual Measurement of Blood Pressure 10/08/2014

Maybe Old is Gold? Newer Insulins Might Not Be Better – Just More Expensive 09/21/2018

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Medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder is something... 03/10/2018

Minding the Gap: Bridge Therapy in A-fib 05/04/2015

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Most patients should be given more responsibility for monitoring BP and titrating medicaitons? 01/27/2015

Much Ado About Nothing? Clopidogrel + Omperazole Interaction 12/07/2010

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Nebivolol For Heart Failure — Compelling Evidence Or A Me Too Trial? 01/03/2012

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New CHEST Guidelines Published 02/07/2012

Non-Inferiority Trials 06/07/2015

Now that empagliflozin is FDA-approved to reduce the risk of CV events in patients with DM 2 and CVD ... 12/06/2016

Number Needed to Treat (NNT) and Number Need to Harm (NNH) 05/31/2012

Painstaking Efforts to Improve Opioid Stewardship 11/10/2017

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Painting a New CANVAS for SGLT-2 Inhibitors? 10/13/2017

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PATHWAY-2 Right Treatment 04/04/2016

Case Study Hypertension
PATHWAY-2: Does the Road Lead to Spironolactone for Resistant Hypertension? 06/03/2016

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Patients taking bisphosphonate therapy for osteoporosis should take a drug holiday (e.g. two years off therapy) every: 05/17/2011

Patients who take DOACs should be monitored every ... 10/03/2015

PCK9 Inhibitors: Blockbusters or Bust? 09/05/2015

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Peeling Back the Layers on Coated Aspirin 04/14/2017

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