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Is it Time to “Step Up” Rescue Treatment for Asthma to Prevent Exacerbations? 07/14/2018

Commentary Asthma
Stop the Shots: Edoxaban vs. Dalteparin in Cancer-Associated VTE Treatment 06/29/2018

Commentary Anticoagulation
The use of DOACs in patients with cancer-associated venous thrombosis ... 06/29/2018

Hypertension – Time for Patients to Control the Wheel! 06/15/2018

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Cutting Down HIV Treatment to a 2-Drug Regimen 05/24/2018

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Strategies for Managing Hypertension: Is the Paradigm Shifting? 05/10/2018

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Genotype testing to guide the dosing of warfarin ... 05/04/2018

Don’t Kid Yourself: Broad- versus Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics in Children 04/27/2018

Commentary Infectious Diseases
Using Sotagliflozin In Tandem with Insulin: Weighing the Benefits in Type 1 Diabetes 04/13/2018

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The primary purpose of patient education is to ... 04/06/2018

Treating Opioid-Use Disorder - X:BOT Offers a Pragmatic Approach 03/30/2018

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Can We KEEP Perimenopausal Women Sexually Satisfied? 03/16/2018

Commentary Women's Health
Medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder is something... 03/10/2018

Know When to Hold 'Em - Know When to Fold 'Em. Deprescribing in BPH. 03/02/2018

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Unbroken. Does Romosozumab Build Better Bone than Alendronate for the Fracture-Prone? 02/16/2018

Commentary Women's Health
Deprescribing medications is something I ... 02/09/2018

SPRINTing towards lower BP goals: A re-analysis of the ACCORD-BP trial 02/02/2018

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Therapy for Early-Stage COPD: What is the GOLDen Regimen? 01/19/2018

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Inflammatory Statements About Cardiovascular Risk Reduction: The CANTOS Trial 01/05/2018

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Using two drugs for the initial treatment of stage 2 HTN (e.g. BP>140/90) is: 12/15/2017

Ten Things Every Clinician Should Know About the 2017 Hypertension Guidelines 12/08/2017

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Where is the COMPASS Taking Us? Rivaroxaban, Aspirin, or Both for Stable CVD ? 12/08/2017

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Azithromycin to Prevent Asthma Exacerbations: What AMAZES Us and What Doesn’t 11/26/2017

Commentary Asthma
Using macrolide antibiotics to prevent COPD and asthma exacerbations is ... 11/17/2017

Painstaking Efforts to Improve Opioid Stewardship 11/10/2017

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